Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Site Policy Review

Hi guys, Ninjaboi here.

So ABDC 7 is finally upon us tonight, and hopefully we're in for a good one. However, since all the crews this season are so talented, and everyone has their own personal opinions as to who should have gone home, who shouldn't have and so on. Before you comment, the other moderators and I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you read the commenting policy linked at the top of the page in yellow. It's not that long, and for the most part uses what we think is common sense. However, they're important for facilitating productive, open conversation and discussion about this show. If an abuse of the commenting system occurs, we're going to have a three strikes policy, with warnings being given for bad behavior before pulling out the banhammer (which believe us, we'd rather not do). 

So for a quick recap real quickly
-Spamming: There's no point in beating a dead horse. If you've made your point once, then there's no need to paste it everywhere. Doing so only makes people less likely to believe you. Unless you have new information to bring to the table, think twice before posting it. And keep it relevant. If you want to discuss something new, put a new comment, don't hop on a thread about a certain topic unless it's related. And putting the same post under a different name counts (see next point)
-Aliases: The way our comment system works, people can change the name they comment under, or have no name at all. While we do allow you freedom in naming yourself (within reason...), if you're going to change your name, it should be clear that it's pretty much the same person. Trying to manage multiple personalities isn't accepted, since A) the moderators can see if you're using the same IP address and we will call you out for it, and B) trying to carry a conversation with yourself is borderline spamming. Keep the names clean, and keep them consistent
-Ad Hominem Attacks - We want you to share your opinions, even if they differ from our own. What we don't want to have you share are hurtful opinions of either crews on the show (it's happened...) or moderators/other commenters on the site. We will ban people for hurling names and insults at each other. Respect others if you want respect.
-Common Courtesy - Sort of related to above, but again, keep things clean, keep them fair, and if possible, keep it constructive. Crews do read this site, so if you want something to improve, give it in a constructive, rather than a destructive manner. 
-Spoilers - This relates mostly to postings on the nights/mornings just after they have tapings, but please please please keep spoilers (eliminations, bottom 2s, etc) off this site. If anything (even fake spoilers) are traced back to us, we could lose our backstage access. And posting emails/twitters asking for spoilers is likely to garner you spam of some sort from the more trollish of commenters. You have been warned. 
-Keep it Readable - Not necessarily a RULE per se, but more of a STRONG RECOMMENDATION. Well written, concise grammatically correct, properly spelled comments are must more likely to be read/believed than long, drawn out, barely understandable text. For the sake of having people understand you, run it through spellcheck at least before you post it. 

These rules also apply to moderators, so feel free to email Nancy at if you think one of us have violated these policies. A full policy list can be found here

Let's try to keep things classy this season (not that we haven't in the past). Here's to an awesome ABDC season, and to the BBDC with the great community that I know can happen.

Peace, Love, Dance