Friday, April 13, 2012

More recaps and ABDC7 mentions -- even Perez Hilton is watching!

- Perez Hilton calls Irratik's performance in the Britney Spears challenge "Ferosh", adding "These girls can effing MOVE, right?! A routine that would make Brit Brit proud, hands down!"
- Daily Princetonian analyzes and summarizes each performance using the performance clips to explain her judgement and opinions. She didn't get to watch the show live, so she uses BloggingABDC's play-by-play comments to set the order. Any time, Christine!
- Screen Invasion (which used to be called Too Interesting for Twitter) mostly summarizes the action, and didn't think that Mix'd Elements deserved to be put in danger of elimination
- Spoil the Ending doesn't want Fanny Pak to cry again, and thought Stepboys were more memorable than the other competitors