Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some early photos from the LA ABDC Auditions

I've been trying to glean information about the LA auditions of America's Best Dance Crew. being held today. I've added quite a number of crews to our list, and I've come across some photos, including this photo of the BloggingBestDanceCrew interview team (Chris Trondsen, Scott Yoshimoto, and IaMmE's Chachi) talking to Bootz Crew, from Antoine Troupe's Facebook . Another great source are the tweets from Winson Seto, the PR guy for ABDC, including a photo of the judge's table,  D-trix greeting the dancers, and a cypher in the parking lot outside the auditions. Flirt dancers have a backstage photo. Riquel Olander (We Are Heroes) posted a photo of her posing with the press teams for us and for Pacific Rim. (WAnd, Scott Yoshimoto has a picture of Chris with Chachi. Leave a comment if you know of others