Friday, January 27, 2012

Join Victor Kim and ISA on Team Janet - Save a Life

I know we usually try to stick to dance related news, but this is something that I feel needs to be passed on.Janet Liang is a recent graduate from UCLA. She was diagnosed two years ago with leukemia, and has until April to find a bone marrow donor.

Victor Kim of Quest Crew, as well as ISA members KevJumba, Wong Fu productions, Ryan Higa, and Far East Movement are all asking Asian Americans to register as bone marrow donors.
Here is the video from Victor Kim's channel

Victor Kim and Bboy Anonymous will be hosting an event at UCIrvine on February 1st that doubles as a bone marrow drive.  Please attend if you are in the area.
If you are interested, here are more readings you can pursue/register at

Even if you are not Asian American, please pass the news on to people who are. Together,
hopefully we can save a life

Thank you