Thursday, January 26, 2012

Four Million hits! Thanks guys!!

As of this morning, reached 4 million hits. Thanks to all of you for helping us to this milestone: -- the readers, commenters, tipsters,  banner artist Shahin, moderators (including NamesAreOverrated, DirtfaceX, Ninjaboi, Del, and Koopa), interviewers and film crew (the Youtube star Chris Trondsen, Scott Yoshimoto, and many dancer/interviewers), reviewers, contest creators, field reporters, media friends and partners (esp. Pacific Rim and DanceOn), dance event organizers (e.g., Hip Hop International, World of Dance, and dozens of local events), MTV, Howard and Karen Schwartz,  and hundreds of amazing dancers that make the work fun. I'm proud that we can keep this community going, even when there's a one-year gap between seasons of America's Best Dance Crew. So thanks and stay with us -- it'll get even more interesting very soon!