Friday, December 30, 2011

NAOTV Episode 8: A Look Back at 2011

With 2012 right around the corner, I decided to use this episode to take a look back at 2011. Let's start with what was probably the most viral dance video of 2011, if not ever: Pumped Up Kicks|Dubstep by Remote Kontrol's Marquese "Nonstop" Scott.

Nonstop is a very talented dancer and the amount of attention this video received was well deserved.

Now let's move onto what I thought were the best things in the hip hop dance community from the past year.

Best Choreographer: Shaun Evaristo-Shaun has had an amazing 2011, which included choreographing a performance for So You Think You Can Dance and the grand opening of the ML Studio.

Best Crew/Company: Choreo Cookies-Once again, the Cookies dominated the competition scene, winning the majority of the competitions they entered.

Best Competition: Body Rock 2011-The level of talent at this competition gets higher and higher every year. 2011 was no exception.The top 3 performances were among my favorite performances from this year.

Best Battler: El Nino-This kid tore up the place, notching big wins at WBC and the US qualifier for Red Bull BC One.

Queens of Swag: Parris Goebel & Rie Hata-Just watch the video. Ridiculous.

Best Choreography Video: Vinh Nguyen "Break Ya Neck"-The crazy closer to SGBM's Body Rock performance combined with a look into the mind of a choreographer makes an amazing video.

Best Choreography: Lyle Beniga "Bait"-I seriously can't stop watching

Best Commercial: Unleash Your Fingers-Amazing finger tuts and amazing graphics. I want that phone. Big ups to JayFunky.

Best YouTube Channel: YAKfilms-From their dance tutorials, to their coverage of major dance events, to their web series Yak Like Ya Know, to their well produced dance videos, Yak Films offers nearly everything a dance fan would ever want all in one channel.

Best ABDC Performance: Jabbawockeez "Devastating Stereo"-Since this IS a blog about ABDC, I felt compelled to include this category. This performance showcased Jabba at their finest.