Sunday, October 2, 2011

Video: Joel 'Knucklehead' Turman (Street Kingdom) wins Coke Zero Dance contest with "Toe Tappy"

According to All Street Dance, the winner of the Coke Zero Dance Contest is Joel 'Knucklehead' Turman, a member of Strret Kingdom (ABDC Season 6). The contest asked dancers to create a catchy new dance; Turman's entry is called "The Toe Tappy". 

According to the article, dance movie director John Chu (who worked with Coke to create and judge the contest) stated: "We saw so many amazing moves and enjoyed crowd-sourcing the dance so much that we're raising the stakes to see how people will put their unique spin on the 'Toe Tappy' to take it to the next level.' So, Coke Zero will follow up the first contest with another, asking people to submit videos of their interpretation of the Toe Tappy. For more information, visit