Saturday, October 8, 2011

ICONic Boyz invite fans to celebrate their new website via "Be ICONic" video contest

An official website for ICONic Boyz  dance crew just launched - The site features profiles of the 14 crew members, the story of the group's  origin, a gallery of photos and videos, and testimonials from world-renowned  dance-world players. It also offers an ICONic Boyz fan zone; the only place online where where visitors can personally chat with different members of The ICONic Boyz. A tour announcement between the ICONic Boyz and NRG Dance Project can be found on the  home page along with several ways to unite with the crew.

GEO and the Boyz are inviting fans to get in on the launch  celebration with an interactive "Be ICONic" video contest. Fans are encouraged  to get creative with the "Be ICONic" theme and in one minute or less, they can  submit videos that showcase what the "Be ICONic" motto means to them. Entries  are being submitted via YouTube links emailed to  The winning video will be judged by "most inspiring" message and will be added  to the ICONic Boyz website when announced. Deadline for contest submissions is October 28, 2011.