Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Video: Fallen Kings on a roll -- 9 wins + Morris ranked top Bboy in world!

Fallen Kings members have been making the mark in competitions over the last few months, with a nine-win streak:
-1st Place - Battle for Creative Arts
-1st Place - Battlefest 360
-1st Place - Breakers at War (on a saturday)
-1st Place - Beat Swap Meet (the following sunday) - 2 events in 1 weekend
-1st Place - Hip Hop International "10 Year Anniversary"
-1st Place - Extreme Auto Fest "The Main Event"
-1st Place - Bay's Best Dance Crew (on a saturday)
-1st Place - World of Dance 3 vs 3 B-Boy Championship (on the same saturday)
-1st Place - World of Dance Upper Division Choreography (on the same saturday) - 3 events in 1 day

To top it off, Morris was just ranked Top BBoy in the world by Bboyrankingz.com. Here are a few videos of the group: D-trix (ex-Quest Crew) performing with members Dereleek and Swellz at HHI, Morris at the World BBoy Classic, Morris' elbow tip spins, and Fallen Kings battle against Suicide Kings in the HHI 3x3 finals: