Friday, September 23, 2011

The Urban Movement Tour: Philadelphia

Here's a showcase of an event that's near and dear to my heart... or at least in my city.
The Urban Movement Tour recently stopped by Philadelphia for a full-day extravaganza, featuring many different events.  Here are just some highlights, and you may notice some familiar faces, along with talent you may never have heard of before.

Click here for the All-styles battles final, featuring Lil'O and Smart Mark, both alumni of ABDC2's Phresh Select (and more recently, Lil'O appearing on SYTYCD auditions). Winner: Lil'O

Click here for the full Power Battles.  If you skip to 3:12, you can spot Bebo from Phunk Phenomenon (ABDC6) reppin' for Boston. Congratulations to PeteNasty of Repstyles for taking the whole thing

Click here for the finals of the 2v2 Bboy battles.  Congratulations to Repstyles (PeteNasty and Knuckles) to winning.

If you've got the time, click here to check out the 7 to smoke battle, again featuring Bebo.
I'll leave you guys with this video of the 4 way exhibition battle between Toyz, Shorty, Sweet Lu, and El Nino (winner)