Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Legendary Hip Hop | Tight Eyez - Rize

Over the course of Legendary Hip Hop, we've covered bboying, locking, and popping. It's time now to cover another style of dance, near and dear to the hearts of certain readers in the community - KRUMP.

During ABDC6, Judge Dtrix mentioned that Tight Eyez (Street Kingdom) was a living legend for having helped create this dance style, and made reference to a movie Rize. Rize was a documentary in 2005 that helped bring awareness not only to KRUMP, but also the related style of Clowning. While a single movie on the history of dance does not an expert make, I still strongly recommend that you find the time to watch this movie and educate yourself on at least part of the origins of this dance style.

In this clip, Tommy the Clown (originator of the Clowning style), hosts a competition between krumpers and clowners of Los Angeles, judged by the volume of the crowds reaction after each set. Watch for the 3:45 mark when Tight Eyez (in a yellow shirt) comes up and rips apart the stage on behalf of the krumpers.

Unfortunately, due to Youtube restrictions, we can't embed the clip here, but click through here to watch it on Youtube!