Saturday, September 3, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: RNG and Lil BIGZ - Dirty Bit

Hey guys! Koopa's internet took another hit today, so he asked me to fill in for him. Anyway, today we travel to Seattle, Washington for a very special collaboration! Kolanie Marks, choreographer of RNG, invited Lil BIGZ from Urban Empire Kidz to come train with the group of young dancers. What resulted in the request is a series of videos showcasing both BIGZ and RNG's immense talent, one of which is our clip today!

Make sure to check out both RNGDancers (RNG's youtube if you couldn't tell) and tcapitule (for more of Lil BIGZ and UEK) for more videos of their work.

: : : Submissions for tomorrow's "Dance Clip of the Day" are always open, by Youtube message at : : :

***Submissions can be no older than TWO WEEKS!***

KoopaTV, signing off.