Monday, August 1, 2011

KoopaTV | Dance Clip of the Day: "Ian Eastwood - Motivation"

Hej! We're off to Sweden to continue the Hip Drop 2011 workshops & showcase. Earlier this this summer, KoopaTV highlighted Miss Andye J (Movement Lifestyle) for her fierce choreo to Motivation - Kelly Rowland. This time around, we focus on Ian Eastwood (Kub Skoutz) for his take on Lil Wayne's verse of the same song.

In the second run-through of the choreo, Ian has his friends perform the piece with him: Bam Martin (Mos Wanted), Lyle Beniga (Movement Lifestyle), and S**t Kingz.

Check out Ian's official Youtube channel, [DJIcon], and subscribe!

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KoopaTV, signing off.