Thursday, August 4, 2011

IMPORANT: Help Yakfilms Win American Airlines Contest!

Hey everyone, I don't usually do this, but for the good of dance media and the dance community in general, please help Yakfilms win American Airlines' contest for 25,000 AAdvantage miles! Winning this contest would help them tremendously. They would be able to travel across the world much more frequently, to cover more dance events!

Yakfilms, is an international video production team, whose work with Urban Dance began in California with innovators of the local TURF dance style. Today, the name YAK is synonymous with a unique street-based documentation of many in the growing global dance movement on Youtube. Click, here [Yakfilms] to visit their official Youtube page, with HUNDREDS of original dance coverage videos!

Hurry! The contest ends August 26th, and voting is as simple as following the link, right here:

Spread the word! And vote daily!!