Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Legendary Moments: Slim Boogie vs. Kite

Here's a classic, for everyone! This popping battle, between "Salah & Friends" and "Machine Gone Funk" (featuring Bionic and Pharside of Supreme Soul) marked the 10 year anniversary of Bionic & Salah's legendary battle, just before the turn of the millennium. That battle, (now 12 years ago) sparked a new generation of poppers to break into the scene.

*This particular clip, however, is widely regarded as the 'highlight' of this 10 year anniversary battle: Slim Boogie's crazy precision (Machine Gone Funk) vs. Kite's mind-blowing footwork (Salah's Friends)!

Disclaimer: Yes, Kite does indeed regularly perform to the song in his set, but that does not take away from his footwork. Don't let this devolve into a fan-war of 'who was better,' and let it remain as a piece of Hip-Hop history, that will continue to inspire us all.