Monday, July 18, 2011

Video: Ian Eastwood, Mariel Martin, & Yoshie at SDK 2011

Many readers may not know, but Street Dance Kemp (SDK) Russia 2011, just took place last week. Over 300 master classes, and many MANY amazing dancers, including Hok (Quest Crew), Pacman (I.aM.mE), Yoshie, Tatsuio, Ian Eastwood (Young Lions), Mariel Martin (Choreo Cookies), Lando Wilkins (Mos Wanted), and more! Check out a lot of the footage at: SDKRussia's Official Website

Here are 3 videos, I've selected to highlight the experience.

Ian Eastwood (Hip-Hop):
Mariel Martin (ICouldn'tGiveYouANameForHerStyleEvenIfITried):
Yoshie (House & Locking):