Thursday, July 14, 2011

Can I Have My Fries Seasoned?

A lot happening from the season 5 family- seasoned Fries. First up is a performance from the beasts down south- Jungle Boogie :::YULE!!!::: They performed to a new medley of songs at a local ATL dance competition as they get ready for HHI:

-- Jungle Boogie Performs at Chit Chats Dance Competition

Speaking of... Jungle Boogie will also be making an appearance at the annual Hypersquad Dance Co. show along with guests such as Glenda from FannyPak, Goose from Static Noyze, and Pharside & Kool Raul of Supreme Soul. It will be the first concert presented by new company directors, Hazmat & KCKay (Hype 5-0). Check out this trailer promoting the event called Realm of Fate: Heroes vs. Villians. Go to for more details.

-- Realm of Fate: Heroes vs. Villians Promo

Heavy Impact members- Stephan "Isi" Tuifua & "CooLeon" Henderson are teaching all summer at the CF Dance Academy. Here's a sample of what you can expect:

-- Stephan "Isi" Tuifua teaches to Frank Ocean - "Dust" at CF Dance Academy

And finally, the House Of Crews recently met up with the Boston wonders, Static Noyze 6 (minus 'Juan'-- get it?) in these fantastic series of videos:

-- SN6 routine to "New Moon" by Eric Liniger

-- SN6 freestyle to "M.I.A. Club" by Eric Liniger

::BURP!!:: Yum, those seasoned fries were good...