Sunday, May 22, 2011

Facebook Petition -- ABDC fans want an Allstar Season 7

Some fans of America's Best Dance Crew created a Facebook petition to ask the producers to make ABDC7 the season of all-stars, where some of the best crews from prior seasons return and battle it out: 
"We are coming to the end of the 6th Season of ABDC and it has been a blast. After roamin the web and blogging sites I have noticed a lot of fans are wanting to see past ABDC crews battle it out on the dance floor...So this is where YOU come in. I decided to create a petition page to cause as much hype, excitement and support as possible to hopefully convince the big guys at MTV to give the fans what they want. All I need is your help :) So what do you think??? Could you imagine seeing Jabbawockeez vs IaMmE, Beat Freaks vs ReQuest, or Poreotics vs Quest Crew. The battles would be EPIC."
Click here to see and sign the petition. Your vote could count!