Friday, May 27, 2011

Send some love to Phunk Phenomenon!

From Ninjaboi: No doubt about it. Phunk Phenomenon has some of the best new style choreography from any crew on the show.  They have mad energy and passion for what they do.  They are also one of the most versatile crews ever to be on the show.  While most good crews have one, two, maybe three styles that all their members excel at, all of Phunk's members are EXCELLENT at many different foundational styles: Bboy, Locking, Popping, Housing, New Style Choreo, Stepping - I wouldn’t be surprised if they also knew some krump, contemporary, ballroom, or whatever. The list goes on.  

Not only are they awesome dancers, they’re also great individuals.  Not only are they friendly people who appreciate their fans, but they’re also doing something good with their dancing to fight San Filippo syndrome with Hip Hop for Hope.  There is no doubt in my mind that they could hold their own against any champion on the show, that they are one of the dominant forces on the East Coast dance scene, and no doubt whatsoever that they are the best East Coast crew ever to be on the show, bar none.

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