Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Are YOU among the 47 people eligible to compete in our ABDC Master Mix Sudden Death Round? - check our list!

After 12 weeks of our ABDC Master Mix contest, there are still 35 people with perfect scores of 24 and 12 more with 22. People with scores of 22-24 are eligible to compete in our Sudden Death Round to determine the winner of this contest. Other people can enter, but I am only going to calculate the scores for those 47 since there are 30 answers in this Sudden Death playoff! 

Click here to see if your name is on the list. The names listed are either the ones given on the emails or the first part of the email address (in cases where there were multiple people with the same name or no name was given). If your name is NOT on the list but you think that you do have 22-24 points, here's what you can do:

  1. IN THE NEXT 4 DAYS -- send an email to ABDCContest@gmail.com telling me what score you think you deserve. If I don't receive the email by Saturday October 9 at midnight you're out of luck!
  2. I will email you back telling you which weeks you did not receive points and the reason (no entry received, wrong answer)
  3. If you can forward to me the ORIGINAL emails sent to the contest for those weeks, I'll count it and allow you to compete in Sudden Death -- IF YOU DARE!
The Sudden Death Round will be posted tomorrow and will be open until midnight October 12.