Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ABDC Master Mix Contest Sudden Death is up -- Play IF YOU DARE!

Time to see who REALLY knows their America's Best Dance Crew music! DirtfaceX created an awesome Sudden Death Round with 30 3-second clips, using  District 78's ABDC Master Mixes. All the clips can be viewed at MTV.Com.  As mentioned earlier, I will only score the answers received from the 47 people who had 22-24 points in the previous rounds of the game. 

1. Identify as many master mixes you can by crew(s) and song title
2 The song announced by Mario Lopez will be the only acceptable answer.
3. There is no partial credit.  All crews who performed in the routine must be given.  And BOTH crew(s) and song title must be identified for full credit.

4. List the answers IN ORDER, starting with the mix number. So if you identified the first mix in this round your answer would look like 1. Crew Name(s), "SONG"
5. I will ONLY accept your first email, and not any subsequent additions or changes. So, only send me your answer sheet when you feel you've identified everything you can. No exceptions!
6. Each answer is worth 1 point, for a perfect total of 30 points. That will be added to your previous score in the Master Mix game to determine the winner. If there is still a tie, we have some tie-breaker questions to be announced later.
7. There's only going to be one winner, so please don't share your answers with other Sudden Death participants!
7. All answers MUST be received by midnight on Tuesday October 12, 2010. Answers should be sent to