Monday, October 4, 2010

ABDC Master Mix Week 12 answer: Team Millennia dancing to 'Disturbia'

The main event for our ABDC Master Mix contest is over! The answer for the Week 12 challenge: Team Millennia  dancing to Rihanna's 'Disturbia' for America's Best Dance Crew Season 3's Fit Test Challenge. The master mix was created by, and this contest was completely created by reader DirtfaceX. Here's the song clip again, along with the original routine

There are still 35 people with perfect scores of 24 and  12 more with 22 points. So, we've devised a process to try to get down to 1 winner:
  1. Tomorrow I will post the names of the 47 people who have 22+ points. If you're on that list, you are eligible to compete in our Sudden Death Round. If your name is not on the list, you will need to email me ASAP so that we can resolve any scoring disputes.
  2. On Wednesday October 6, I will post the Sudden Death video that contains 30 3-second clips with no judges' comments, each worth 1 point. You'll have one week to send me your answers. The scoring will be cumulative with the prior round, so that a perfect score for the contest will be worth 54 points
  3. If we STILL have a tie, DirtfaceX and I have come up with some tie-breaker ideas.