Friday, August 7, 2015

Ninjaboi's Review of ABDC8's Episode 2 (aka what the judges aren't telling you!) #abdc

 So last week was not a weird collective hallucination/dream, America’s Best Dance Crew is actually back, and we have a second week’s worth of routines to look at analyze, and pick apart in way too much detail. (Wait that’s just me? Really? Okay then… I guess someone has to).

For those of you who somehow stumbled upon this site randomly (Only a 4.22 x 10^-31 chance that you randomly selected from the 26 letters before adding a dotcom, by the way) for the first time today, my name is Ninjaboi, one of the content contributors/advocates/moderators/lifelong member of this site, thanks to the kindness and grace of our fearless leader Nancy.  I have way too much free time on my hand (or a horrible sense of priorities and time management, it’s hard to tell which sometimes), an unhealthy obsession with excel (seriously though, have you used Excel in an English class? I have), and a deep love for this show, dance in general and this site. Put it all together and you’ve got this review you’re reading right now.

This week, our former champions (plus Kinjaz) dance to songs by “VMA Icons” which in all honesty, really is still pretty open ended.  They did try to emulate different artists in their sets, and we’ll just have to see how well they did.  In the end though, dance trumps challenge, so long as the challenge is met at a minimum. And with an open ended challenge like this, there’s no real reason for the dancing to not be top notch. 

Ninjaboi's ratings for the night (on a scale of 1-20)
1) Super Cr3w - 19
2) Kinjaz - 15
3) Quest Crew - 14
4) Elektrolytes - 13
5) I.aM.mE - 12
6) We Are Heroes - 10