Tuesday, August 4, 2015

HHI USA Championship Results

The results are in! Here are your USA Hip Hop Champions going on to compete at Worlds.

Junior Division

Gold: CLASSIC of West Covina, CA - 8.56
Silver: CHAPKIDZ of Suisun City, CA - 8.19
Bronze: THE PRODIGY of Las Vegas, NV - 7.96

Varsity Division

Gold: MINIOTICS of Orange, CA - 8.73
Silver: KABA KIDS of Irvine, CA - 8.30
Bronze: ILL HABITS of San Diego, CA - 8.13

Adult Division

Gold: OUTLAWZ of Gilbert, AZ - 8.85
Silver: PROPHECY of Suisun City, CA - 8.66
Bronze: 1UPCrew of Oakland, CA - 8.65

Megacrew Division

Gold: THE DROP FAM of Tucson, AZ - 9.29
Silver: CHAPKIS DANCE FAMILY of Suisun City, CA - 9.21
Bronze: ELEKTRO ACADEMY of Gilbert, AZ - 8.93

It was a long night last night. My favorite performances were from Kaba Kids and Miniotics. It should be noted that Aria aka Babywockee is dancing with Kaba Kids (they grow up so fast! ::tear::). I didn't catch their performance, but Ill Habits received a roaring reaction when the hometown crew placed third. And chants of ::A-Z! A-Z! A-Z!:: filled the ballroom as two of their megacrews took home medals. The atmosphere here is ALIVE!

Its been awhile since USA has gone far in the Worlds (Academy of Villains?). Let's see if they can keep up with the international crews! We'll keep you posted here and be sure to follow HHI on Facebook for live commentary on this week's events!