Thursday, August 13, 2015

Chris Trondsen's review of ABDC VMA Wardrobe Challenge #abdc

Chris Trondsen attended the taping of last week's ABDC (and will probably attend tonight). Because of his many other commitments (including Hip Hop International) his write-up was very delayed, but still interesting as a review/preview of the show that aired last night.

Some things you didn't see on the episode tonight is T-Pain having a dance off with Marcus from Elektrolytes.  T-Pain can actually dance and the dancers and crowd was shocked.  He also sang without auto tune and the guy has a great voice.  I don't know if they will show this at the end but all the dancers go into a freestyle battle during the credits and it's always impressive to see everyone do their thing without limitations and challenges.

 I think some people won't be too surprised about who goes home.  This was actually their best performance but the crew they went up against had their best performance as well.  Both crews used a similar theme by dressing up as other people so it was who made people laugh more and one crew won.  It will be sad to see them go, especially because of how nice and humble they are but no one can say they did not have an impressive showing. 

Click here to read the full review. Thanks Chris!