Friday, August 15, 2014

HHI Updates and Videos | New location announced & The Royal Family

As we reported earlier, Hip Hop International will be moving it's location from Las Vegas to Southern California.  And if you watched the World Championships Livestream, then you might've already seen this commercial.  But here it is:

And from Thepalacedancestudio YouTube, The Royal Family posted performances from their competing crews in the Junior and Varsity division.  Despite what place they got, I thought these routines were absolute fire!

Speaking of Parris and the Royal Family, they will be performing live this Saturday at the WoD: Bay Area.  Not only that, but they will performing their Skulls & Crowns show in LA as well.  I'm personally sad that I will not be attending any of these amazing events.  BUT! If you need your dance fix, no matter where you live, go out and watch the new Step Up: All In.  Parris (along with other fantastic dancers we all know) is in it taking Polyswag to the big screen.  Crowns up!