Monday, August 11, 2014

HHI '14 Results with VIDEO | Congrats to Freshh 2.0, J.B. Star Varsity, Brotherhood Adult, & The A-Team!!!

Hip Hop International 2014 is in the books and history was made.  Congrats to all the medalists, all the crews, and even to the HHI production and crew for a great two weeks.  Without further ado, here are the results and their videos.  Be sure to go to the OfficialHHI YouTube channel to catch all the wonderful performances from last night.

1st Gold - Freshh 2.0
2nd Silver - TAO - Japan
3rd Bronze - Bubblegum - New Zealand

1st Gold - J.B. Star Varsity - Japan
2nd Silver - Duchesses - New Zealand
3rd Bronze - Sol-T-Shine - Japan

1st Gold - Brotherhood - Canada
2nd Silver - Zboyz - Australia
3rd Bronze - Rockwell Family - Canada

1st Gold - A-Team - Philippines
2nd Silver - ID CO - New Zealand
3rd Bronze - Flyographers Dance Team - Russia