Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vote now! Help Ninjaboi win contest to make movie mentored by Jon Chu, Wong Fu Productions, FreddieW

From long-time BBDC reader/reviewer/friend Ninjaboi (aka Paulo:
I recently entered a contest by Wong Fu Productions, FreddieW and Jon M Chu (Director of the Step Up Movies) called "Take Your Shot." Basically, they're working with AT&T to promote the video capabilities of the Galaxy S4. Basically people submitted pitches for a short film that would be shot entirely on a Galaxy S4. I'm lucky enough to say that after 2000 submissions, mine was chosen as one of the Top 50!

This is where you guys come in. They have opened up the Top 50 to public vote. The Top 10 vote getters will be then reviewed by the judges to select a Top 3 to be flown out to LA and be mentored by the three aforementioned film gurus in making this film. Voting Ends August 18th (Sunday) at 9PM EST

Here's my short pitch:
In the Eye of the Cypher by Paulo
A struggling dancer, inspired by footage captured of an epic dance cypher on a phone, begins to document his own training journey, with the goal that one day he will be the one being recorded in the eye of the cypher. His crashes, burns, and ultimate improvement are all captured on his own phone.
I feel like I'm lucky to have gotten this far, but I would love the opportunity to go further. Here's how you can help :)
2)Look for the pitch above
How to easily find me - Click on Name and then scroll down to the P's and look for my name.
3)Vote for my entry!
4)Pass it on to your friends/contacts/groups - every little bit helps!
Fun Fact - of the Top 50, mine is the only one focused on dance!

And that's it! Thank you in advance for all your help :) It really means a lot to me if you guys could vote and pass it on. I promise to let you guys know how it goes!