Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Videos: This week's SYTYCD Hiphop routines plus a Must-see contemporary dance

The Top 10 show for So You Think You Can Dance featured 2 hiphop routines, though neither were the standouts for the show. That honor goes to a very emotion routine danced by Tucker Knox and SYTYCD Allstar Robert Roldon, who paired up in a moving contemporary dance about two brothers. The number was beautiful for its artistry in choreography and dance, but was personally moving in that it marked the comeback for Robert, who almost died in a car crash in 2012. Watch it here:

The hiphop this week came from a jazzy Christopher Scott routine danced by Hayley and tWitch.

And, Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo choreographed for Nico (who was eliminated at the end of the show) and All-star Comfort