Tuesday, August 6, 2013

HHI '13 USA Finals Results

Unfortunately, I missed most of the Junior Division because I was late and only caught the Rascals perform.  But here are the results...

USA Juniors
BRONZE - ICONic - 7.91
SILVER - Lil Phunk - 8.10
GOLD - Rascals - 8.30

Note that ICONic consisted of members of the formerly known group the ICONic Boyz (ABDC6).  Lil Phunk is the junior version of ABDC 6's Phunk Phenomenon.  And the Rascals successfully defended their GOLD Medals and are the juniors of the Academy of Hype (ABDC5).

I was able to catch most of the Varsity Division.  RNG's performance was the first performance of the competition that brought me up from my seat and had me geek-ing out fully.  And the Brobots from Torrance, CA impressed me a lot as well.

USA Varsity
BRONZE - Prophecy - 8.42
SILVER - Brobots - 8.67
GOLD - RNG - 8.69

RNG's homage to The King of Pop and 'Smooth Criminal' was absolutely brilliant.  I believe for them to be serious contenders in the Worlds Competition.

The clash for the gold in the Mega Crew Division was fierce this year.  My favorite sets of the night came from Maker Empire (Los Angeles, CA), High Profile Dance (Las Vegas, NV), CDF (Suisun, CA) and, of course, Academy of Hype (Honolulu, HI).

USA Mega Crew
BRONZE - Phunk Phenomenon - 8.45
SILVER - Academy of Hype - 9.03
GOLD - Studio One - 9.20

I was actually shocked to see AoH only take the Silver medal, they easily had the best performance of the night.  But then again, what do I know?  And I was a bit disappointed in the Academy of Swag's set.  It certainly didn't live up to last year's Gold-Winning show.

Personally, I didn't really get excited during the Adult Division until the last half of the groups performed.  Common Ground from Irvine, CA did a fantastic job, but wasn't able to place for Worlds.

USA Adult
BRONZE - The Ecsntrcs - 8.90
SILVER - Illmatik Phlow - 9.12
GOLD - Mix'd Elements - 9.35

I must admit... because of their early departure from ABDC7, I foolishly didn't think much of Mix'd Elements.  But now, I'm a believer.  With several additions to the crew (including members of the ABDC7's Step Boys), these guys are hungry for that World Gold Medal.  But Miami's Illmatik Phlow certainly shouldn't be slept on- they had a tremendous show last night.  As well as The Ecsntrcs from Fullerton, CA they put on an amazing set.

And it is just getting started, too!  I'll be here all week.  And be sure to follow HHI on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see pictures from the event and get all your up to date info.  All photos were taken by John Salangsang.