Monday, July 9, 2012

R16 2012 Results | Congratulations Massive Monkees, Issei, Boogaloo Kin, and Benson!

This past weekend, the R16 Bboy, Popping, and Locking battles were held in Seoul, Korea. After a year of qualifications and training, 16 countries came to be represented in the world championship, but only one would take the crown. The results are below

Bboy Crew: Massive Monkees (USA)
Bboy Solo: Issei (Japan)
Popping: Boogaloo Kin (Korea)
Locking: Benson (Taiwan)

Special congratulations to Massive Monkees, who are the first US crew to win R16 in the history of the competition.

Check out the very close Massive Monkees vs Jinjo (last year's champs) SemiFinal battle below! You can also click here for a video menu of the solo battles, as well as here for a video menu of the crew battles.