Friday, July 13, 2012

Hip Hop International Crew Announcement | International Megacrew Crews

Hip Hop International is only a month away, but things are already heating up. Over the next few days we'll start posting the names of crews who will be competing in Las Vegas July 31st - August 5th. If you have any information/videos on any of these crews, please send them to, or leave them in the comments below and we will post them up as we receive them.  If you wish to attend HHI, please use this order form to purchase your tickets.

For the last day of International Crews, we have the Megacrew division. This really blew up internationally. Last year there were only 11 non-US crews spread among 7 countries. Now, we have 15 countries represented among 20 crews. There's going to be stiff competition here, especially when the US crews come into play. Seeing these 15+ member crews is definitely going to be exciting.

Australia – Method Crew, Academy of Brothers, Empire
Brazil – Street Company
Canada – The Bakery
Denmark – The Zoo
Germany – Team Recylced
Italy – Beat Kings, 7 Company
Japan – Zero Crew
Mexico – Spirit Dance Company
Netherlands – The Dutch Connection
New Zealand – The Royal Family
Paraguay* – ASTC Crew
Philippines – UP Street Dance Company, La Salle Dance Company
South Africa – Untimitve
Spain – Blackout, QDS
Switzerland – The Titans
* Indicates countries competing in HHI for the first time.

Come back tomorrow for the US Adult Crews!