Friday, April 20, 2012

Ninjaboi's Review - ABDC's Flo Rida Challenge

Greetings all! So ABDC Season 7 is really in full gear now with all 10 crews having gone, and already a (very sad) elimination taking place. I really think the talent this season is top class level, without a single crew being truly out of place. However, we've gotta have some way of breaking down who did better or worse, so there comes in the numbers. Please note that my rankings are my personal thoughts on the matter and not official BABDC rankings or anything like that. Just my reasoning on why I think these crews are ranked where they are.

Please read my review by clicking below, then come back and comment on what you think. Feel free to agree, disagree, whatever, so long as we all keep it civil and level headed. 

Click here to see my rankings for the crews this week, a breakdown of that most excellent battle, and power rankings for all 9 remaining crews!