Friday, April 20, 2012

Byenyn's Review of ABDC's Flo Rida Challenge

It’s ABDC, Season Seven, Episode 2! Last week, five of the ten crews performed to Britney Spears and Mix’d Elements was placed in the Bottom Two by the judges, where they will fight for their lives (THEIR LIVES!) against one of the five crews performing tonight. This week’s superstar is Flo Rida, who never ever met a club that could handle him. Everywhere he goes is a club! Flo Rida’s house is a club! His bathroom is a club!
Anyways, Flo Rida shows up to perform his song, “Wild Ones.” With the exception of RNG, who performed their bit before Flo hits the stage, it’s hard to get a good sense of the different crew’s styles (hey, producers, did you forget this show is a DANCE competition?) because the camera frequently pans to Flo Rida (and his bling’d out microphone) and the audience making random animal gestures. At some point, everyone’s wearing sunglasses indoors so you know this club is super cool. It’s a nice gesture that Mr. Flo Rida is willing to perform on the ABDC stage once again, but I wish it didn’t have to be all about him, once again. To add to that effect, he’s also showing up as a special judge.
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