Friday, March 23, 2012

Dance Hero Japan - Season 2 Episode 3

Yesterday we reviewed the episode we missed of Japan's version of ABDC, Dance@Hero Japan! Today we'll go over the most recent episode, episode 3 for this second season.

With this episode we have the final results of the season, with Beat Buddy Boi taking 1st place this season, after finishing 2nd in season 1 to Time Machine. 

-Beat Buddy Boi (430 points total) swept the compeition with winning first place each week. This performance showed their determination to win, using the trophy as a prop, similar to the ABDC3 collab between Quest and Beat Freaks, and presented in a style similar to Super Cr3w's final performance in ABDC2. However, the musical selection here was very unique, especially for a crew of their style.
-ISOPP (270 points total), while in a distant second place, had probably my favorite performance this season. They not only had excellent moves, they also incorporated live beatboxing from one of their own crew members and danced to that. Very impressive. 
-Vigorous Ladies (200 points total), while not the first impressive all female crew we saw, proved they can get BUCK and GRIMY for sure. Be sure to check them out.
-Ms. Creative (120 points total), while also an all female crew, they have a very different feel from Vigorous Ladies, more similar to the smooth Jabbawockeez than the buck Street Kingdom or Request. 
-Tokyo Beat Surf (120 points total), concludes their story with some dope choreography, and a bit of a twist, both in plot and music choice. While I think they could have danced more, it was entertaining nontheless to see this story come to its conclusion.
-Bear Knuckle (90 points total) unfortunately didn't do much better than last season, and while their routine concepts are relatively bland, they still have solid dancing, going with a full out ninja theme. 
-Aerstix (10 points total) may not be understood by all, but their contortionist bboy choreography is nothing to sneeze at.