Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dance Hero Japan - Season 2 Episode 2

While we have 21 days left until ABDC7 premeires (not that anyone's counting down...), dance goes on. Specifically for this post, in Japan! Japan's version of ABDC, called Dance@Hero Japan! features 9 crews who compete in a pretty different style than ABDC. Crews have 2 minutes of free choreography, and get points based on judges's rankings, as well as video views on social media sites. The crews with the highest cumulative score at the end of the season wins!

We covered the first episode of Season 2, but episode two seems to have slipped past us somehow. Today we'll have a quick recap of what we think were notable performances form that episode:
-Bear Knuckle's swing music routine showed a combination of story telling, swag, and crazy bboy-capoeria fighting.
-Tokyo Beat Surf has some hard hitting popping choreography while telling part 2 of their Karate Kid-inspired story.
-Beat Buddy Boi, playing off their name, dances to a mix of Queen with a bit of Team iLuminate, and showed why they continue to be one of the top contenders, since season one.
-Ms Creative shows how they are a mix of We Are Heroes, Request ,and Jabbaawockeez, and continue their recurring theme of grimy all female choreography in a dreamscape. 
-Aerstix Side demonstrated their contortionist bboy choreography to a classical music theme. 
-ISOPP were decked out in traditional Japanese garb, and danced to what appears to be Naruto music, a la Kinjaz

Check back tomorrow for a review of Round 3!