Monday, January 9, 2012

Dancers and dance crews: opportunity to perform in a music video

We received this message from Li, a music video director in LA who is looking for some dancers for an upcoming music video: "I'm directing a music video for an up and coming singer, Meeghan Henry.The song is called "Crash a Party."  For the video, I'm looking for amazing bboys and dance teams to display their skills - crews and soloists alike...Our shoot date is Sunday, Jan. 22. We are shooting at the exclusive Exchange LA.

I'd love it if you guys could help our production find the best dancers and crews to battle it out in the video. As a former touring dancer, I'd always wanted to make a video that marries great camera work with great dancing.  Above all else, I want this video to be a celebration of all the performers we showcase. I want to invite the best of the best to come out and play with us and be creative for one day. And all footage will be available to crews for reel purposes. Here's a previous video from Li. If you're interested, email him at