Thursday, January 12, 2012

Advice for ABDC Auditioning crews, from the audition director

Here's some advice on auditioning for America's Best Dance Crew, from ABDC Casting Director Michelle McNulty. We posted many of these words of advice (with some modification for Season 7) just before Season 5, and it still applies:
  • How to register: For audition location, registration, how to apply, and other details, go to
  • Key success factors are the same as earlier seasons: branding, versatility, being true to yourself, engaging the audience, staying non-defensive. Details here.
  • Who should audition:  Crews should have 5-7 members (if you want to include more members, contact for permission). Members can be any age. They welcome crews that auditioned for earlier seasons. Details here.
  • Advice to new crews: If you are forming a new crew, make sure that all performers are at the same high level. One weaker dancer can pull down the entire crew
  • Show something new! Traditional hip hop styles are welcome -- they want the b-boys and choreo crews to come out to audition. But crews have to show something different than what's already appeared on the show.  For example, if you're a non-adult crew, show how you're different from ICONic Boyz!
  • NO BYTING of other crews' signature moves, whether or not the original appeared on ABDC!
  • Common mistakes: here are three common problems with audition routines that should be avoided