Friday, December 9, 2011

Vote in our Blowup Tie-breaker: favorite ABDC alum video from BEFORE their ABDC Season

Three people -- Jai, JabbaJake, and PerezOverride -- tied for first place in our ABDC Blowup contest. To break the tie, we threw down the following challenge to them:  send your favorite video of an ABDC crew member (dancing alone or with any group) from BEFORE their ABDC season. 

Now it's your turn to decide: Vote in this survey for your favorite of the three (shown just below the survey). The survey closes at midnight Monday December 12.
Here are the choices (shown in chronological order):
Option A: Kevin Brewer (JabbaWockeez member) Freestyle from November 2005
Option B: Poreotics Night at the Apollo, from April 2008

Option C: ReQuest "Haters" from November 2010