Friday, December 16, 2011

NAOTV Episode 6: Bboy Venum

What is up BBDC? This week's episode highlights Bboy Venum of Skill Methodz crew. Not much explanation needed here about why it's dope. Venum's moves speak for themself.

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---Other Dope Videos from This Week---

Mos Wanted Crew-WOD Hawaii 2011-I love this set. They first performed it at WOD Chicago and this time they bring it back much cleaner than before. But the main highlight for me here is Brian Puspos' solo. Great stuff.

"Trigger Fingers"-How could I not post this? Pacman and Moon are among the most brilliant duos to ever collaborate. What takes their already insane tutting to the next level is the way they incorporate the glass table. Amazing.

Top 5 Sets | OUTBREAK 7-StrifeTV compiled their top 5 sets from Outbreak 7 into this video. These dancers are all dope and have great stuff they bring to the table.

Yarus and Loony Boy-Yak Films does it again! This week, they presented us the incredible style known as Electro Dance. These two dancers impressed me with their amazing musicality as well as their intricate yet blazing fast arm threads and connects.

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That's it for this week's episode of NAOTV! Thanks for reading and watching! -NAO