Saturday, December 24, 2011

11th day of Crewmas: 2011 best crew lists from ICONic Boyz, Elektrolytes, and other top crrews

The 11th day of Crewmas asked top dancers from ICONic Boyz, ICONic Girlz, Elektrolytes, Rhythm City, SGBM, In da Clutch, Ven15, 5 Crew Dynasty, and PLAGUE to name their favorite dancers of the year. The nominations (with some photos and film clips) include: ReQuest Crew, Skill Methodz, Vagabonds Crew, U-Min, Chris Brown, Buddha Stretch, IaMmE, New Styles Krew, Choreo Cookies, and Mischief Makers. Go to HouseofCrews Youtube for all the days of Crewmas