Thursday, November 17, 2011

Video: Flash Mob proposal with members of Pac Modern, Sick Step, Poreotics

From the description at artomagic Youtube: "This is the official video for my (Charles Collyer) proposal to Valerie Macalino. On November 14, 2011 I proposed to my girlfriend of 7 years. The idea came about after seeing the show "Mobbed" and they had a marriage proposal episode. That's when I knew what I wanted to do....

The pyramid at CSULB was the place where Pac Modern first started practicing and still does to this very day. We met when we were both dancing in the collegiate competition scene. I was on Sickstep and she was on Pac Modern. She was also a coord at one point while she was on the team so the location only seemed right. The "driver" (our friend Ashley) picked her up and her cousin (Stephanie) helped escort her to the pyramid at CSULB. And that's where this story ends and the video begins....."

Here's an alternate view of the action from JohnAgustin Youtube. Thanks for the tip, Jay!