Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Starting today: A calendar of upcoming dance events - please contribute!

We've had numerous requests (and complaints) to restart our weekly upcoming events calendar, which had been discontinued due to the large time commitments involved to research all past ABDC crews and their activities.. So, we're starting up the calendar again that will stay at the top of this home page. New policies:
  • If you know of an event, leave a comment on this post or email us at I will add it IF there is info on date, location, and how to learn more. If you give a link, I'll incorporate it
  • I will only publicize events that are related to America's Best Dance crews or other hip hop dance people -- that's the point of this site.
  • Due to space limitations, event posters will not included, but I'll include info on the performers, as well as links to posters
  • The more advance notice the better, though I'll try to include even info for that day. I'll also try to post on-going events
So send me info, and the page will start up later today.