Friday, November 25, 2011

NAOTV Episode 3: "Like Mike"

Who's bad? Apparently Bboy Cloud is. In this episode of NAOTV, we're highlighting Cloud's latest film "Like Mike". His tribute to Michael Jackson has some comical results and offers a message for all dancers to hear. Check it out for yourself:

Now don't leave just yet! This was another great week in dance and there are many more videos to watch below (or you can click on this playlist here.)

---Other Dope Videos from This Week---

Rhythmic Damage VI-Beast Coast vs Mighty Zulu Kings-While Battle of the Year was getting a lot of attention last weekend, there were still other jams going on around the world, like Rhythmic Damage VI in Philadelphia. The most intense battle of the night had to be this one, which was filmed by our very own Ninjaboi. After a tiebreak, Mighty Zulu Kings takes a close victory.

BOTY 1 on 1-El Nino vs Vicious Vic-It's Drake vs Bruno Mars! (Again!) In their first meeting, El Nino beat Vicious Victor in the finals of the US Red Bull BC One qualifier to win a spot at the Red Bull BC One competition in Moscow this weekend. Here in the BOTY 1 on 1 semifinals, Victor was out for blood as he sought revenge. He successfully evened up the score in what might become one of bboying's next big rivalries.

Ian Eastwood-"Wanna Be Good"-Ian Eastwood taught this piece at the Pride Workshops this past weekend. He performs the choreo so effortlessly, making it look easy. This is probably one of the best pieces I've seen from him lately. This is also another video filmed by a member of the BBDC community, this time by reader BSG.

Kujo-"Dance to Your Own Music"-This inspirational video was very beautifully shot by StrifeTV. Kujo (Ill-Abilities) stars in this video showcasing his bboy skills. He was born completely deaf in his right ear and has lost most of the hearing in his left ear. And yet he still figures out a way to dance without being able to hear the music. He is amazing and a true inspiration to dancers everywhere.

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That's it for this week's episode of NAOTV! Thanks for reading and watching! -NAO