Monday, November 28, 2011

The answer to Return of the ABDC Blowup Week 7: Fanny Pak (+ asking for tiebreaker ideas!)

Fanny Pak was the mystery crew in  Week 7 of our Return of the ABDC Blowup Contest. The clue: "Long before Instant Noodles hit the ABDC stage, this crew wanted to be Top Ramen." America's Best Dance Crew changed the name to Fanny Pak, mostly likely because of trademark issues with the Ramen company. (This was Google-searchable, for those readers who started watching ABDC after Season 2.)  And, the photo showed some distinctive glasses:
Here's the full photo, from the first episode of Season 2:
We had 26 entries, and most were correct. Three people are still tied for first. I'll run the final photo tomorrow. If you have ideas for a fun tie-breaker that I can run for this contest (preferably one that can be judged by readers!), please leave a comment below.