Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Free Bieber Campaign: Say No To S.978!

S.978, a new bill in Congress, makes it a felony to post videos that contain copyright-infringing music, with up to FIVE YEARS in prison for violators. This affects Youtube singers, musicians, vloggers, and gaming/movie channels.

However, this new bill would especially hurt DANCERS. Dancers, who post videos of choreography to any official single from an artist, would immediately be in violation of this law. The growth of Youtube artists would be severely stunted. Please help stop this ridiculous oppression of artists and sign this petition against the bill, [Here]

*This campaign name was inspired by the clever folks at Fight for the Future, who noticed that this law would have put Justin Bieber in jail, since he launched his career by posting videos of himself singing R&B tunes, in violation of copyright.