Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crew Spotlight: Remote Kontrol

Remember a few seasons back of SYTYCD, when Bryan "Chibi" Gaynor from Remote Kontrol blew us away with his bottin' to Fireflies? And how he and his crew Remote Kontrol performed on TV? Well, they've been busy since then.

-First, we had that viral video featured on KoopaTV a while back with crew member Nonstop dancing to dubstep. Well, he caught the attention of a famous friend of dance, Ellen DeGeneres. He was recently featured on her show. Check the clip by clicking here!
-He hasn't been the only member of the crew putting out new videos to dubstep though. Bryan Ganyor, aka Chibi, also has a clip of his own.

-When did he do this? Oh, only in between sessions with Madd Chadd (LXD). Does this mean we may see Mr. Gaynor in the upcoming movie Step Up 4?