Thursday, September 8, 2011

LXD is back with 3 new episodes, especially for fans of robotics, tutting, and breaking

LXD (Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) returns from their one-week break with three new episodes, all taking place in current day LXD world (wherever that is).
First up: Salvage (Episode 5 in Season 3). Sp3cimen tries to rescue his old girlfriend Autumn in an ominous warehouse. But he has to dance-fight battle with a strange creature (reminded me of an evil cloaked Ewok wearing a gas mask), followed by a Robot-a-thon battle. And, Autumn is...different. Jonathan Bayani (Supreme Soul, ABDC Season 2) is one of the robots.
Episode 6 - Reprogram -- takes up where Salvage ended. Autumn reveals her new nature, necessitating a battle of the sexes. Autumn is backed up by the Umbras, while Energies have Sp3cimen's back. Among the Energies: Kaba Modern's Mike Song and Tony Tran. This is my favorite of the three new episodes, due to the intense plot-driven choreography, masterful battle of tut vs. robot, and spotlighting of a wonderful girl dancer (Marie Medina) for a change.

RA Games: The last new episode returns us to LXD training school. This one is for the b-boy fans out there. The tension is much lower than the last two episodes, but there's some minor plot advancement -- will there be a battle to determine the LXD messiah? Stay tuned!