Friday, September 16, 2011

David Sean Jason's report on World of Dance Seattle

David Sean Jason attended World of Dance Seattle on September 10, 2011. Here are his impressions:

It was by far AMAZING!.. What was the first thing I did? I bought a Mos Wanted Crew shirt and tank! Chachi was also right inside where her clothes were being sold. I was able to get her to do a Shoutout to BABDC and will try to upload it as soon as possible to my JasonSeanDavid Youtube site. Unfortunately, I was super far in the back of the line for the Meet and Greet and was not able to get JRA's and Puspos' signature. However, I was able to find them early on as I reserved my seat inside the auditorium and was lucky enough to get them to sign my old SoRealCru shirt that I won from this site.
Now lets talk about the show. Is it just more or are more and more kids taking up dancing? And when I mean kids, I mean little elementary school kids. There were three Bboy kids that performed solo including Bboy Jalen who's performance did not please me at all. There were many VERY young dance crews, and it must be hard to believe this, but they KILLED their performances. All the early performances definitely set the atmosphere for the competition round. The competition crews were VERY VERY good! It was by far in my head the closest competition between crews. I honestly don't know HOW THE HECK judges do the scoring, but many crews performed VERY well.