Sunday, September 11, 2011

Congratulations to Napoleon & Tabitha D'umo on their Emmy win!

Napoleon and Tabitha D'umo (aka Nappytabs) tied for an  2011 Emmy Award in choreography. They won for their work on So You think You Can Dance for :Scars”,  “Fallin”, and  “Outta Your Mind”. Click here for "Outta Your Mind" danced by Alex and Twitch -one of my favorite SYTYCD hip hop routines ever; click here to watch "Scars" danced by D-trix and Robert.  And here's "Fallin", danced by Adechike and Comfort. 
Mia Michaels also won a choreography Emmy for her work on SYTYCD, with her "Alice in Mia-land", "When We Dance", and "This Bitter Earth/on the nature of Daylight". I am disappointed that no award was given to Stacy Tookey for one of my all-time favorite SYTYCD routines -- "Mad World" danced by Billy and Aday. Click here to watch